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Basic eyes, beautiful eyes

Basic eye makeup tehcniques are quick and easy. Less is often more in beauty, and that means a fast simple technique can bring maximum results.

A fast makeover

Start off by trying out different neutral basic eye looks.

Then try different colors. Choose shades that will suit you well.
See Choosing Makeup color for more help choosing colors.

Once you feel comfortable with your makeup application technique, try using eye makeup colors that are a little more intense or colorful.

As you become more sure of yourself you can make your way over to Eye Shadow
page for more fun eye makeup ideas.
Learn how to do Dark Eye Shadows, Dramatic Eye Shadow, Cat Eyes, Egyptian Eyes and other eye makeup looks.

Tbasic eye makeup look is often the coice for professional makeup artists and is always reliable for a godo look. It is a quick way to look good as you dash off to work or saves you time when tou are out onteh town. Even if you decide to use more intense or colorful eyeshadow colors, you always have to start with the basics.

Basic eye makeup is the foundation for other looks. It is easy to add a dramatic look with a couple more techniques.

Steps to create a basic eye look

1. Prepare eye area with foundation/concealer. Consider these if you are in need of makeup, Mineral Foundation and Mineral Concealer

2. Gently pat down area with loose powder

3. Apply eyeshadow color of choice over upper eyelid area and into the crease.

4. Sweep color under lower lashes on lower lid from outer corner of eye to inner corner.

(thicker color at outer edges and gradually narrow line towards inner corner)

5. Apply brown or black mascara to upper and lower lashes (more on upper lashes)

Examine the neutral eyeshadows

Turn basic eye makeup into a dramatic look

With each step you can increase intensity increases of the makeup look.
1. After eyeshadow application, apply either pencil or liquid eyeliner to upper eyelid. Smudge.
You can turn up teh drama by adding a metallic, glitter or colorful eyeshadow and apply the same way as steps 3 and 4 above.

2. Extend the line at outer corners to give you a cat eye. Cat Eyes,
2a. Extend the line at outer corners further and streaight to make a n egyptian eye. Egyptian Eyes Well, maybe that is too far for everyday!

3. Line lower lashes with dark eyeliner. Either use same or lighter shade as what was used on upper lashes. Again, smudge.

4. Line inner rim of upper and lower eyelids and you have a full dramatic look.

Finish the outer eyebrow, corners and lashes to complete the look.

5. Apply Mascara to your eyelashes or apply false lashes and coat with black mascara - top and bottom.

6. Add highlighter to brow bone and inner corners of eyes.

7. Fill in eyebrows.