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Discovering your colors

Finding my colors
If you are like me, you probably have cabinets full of makeup and are still unsure what makeup colors are best for you! You are not alone. Most of us go through tons of eye shadows and lipsticks and still aren't sure if it looks good!

Secret color principle
The largest factor in looking your best is choosing the proper colors for your skin tone.

Determining Your Skin Tone
Use this simple but very accurate guide to help you select the best makeup colors for your Summer look. Click the links to see made up faces.

Caucasian - Cool Faces
Skintone: Fair, porcelain, pink undertones, light or medium olive (sunburns easily). Hair: Ash blonde, ash brown, black, gray, salt and pepper. Best Color Families: pink, magenta, blue-red, blue, purples, aqua, silver.

Caucasian - Warm Faces
Skintone: ivory, yellowish undertones, peach undertone, golden undertone (tans easily). Hair: golden blonde, brown with golden highlights, red. Best Color Families: coral, yellow, orange-red, brown, camel, green, gold.

African-American - Cool Faces
Skintone: rose brown, ash brown, blue black, mahogany. Hair: black, burgundy brown, gray, salt and pepper. Best Color Families: magenta, blue, purple, turquoise, black, silver, white.

African-American - Warm Faces
Skintone: golden brown, tawny, yellow undertone, copper, chestnut. Hair: Golden blonde, red, brown with golden highlights. Best Color Families: orange, camel, rust, brown, green, yellow, gold, copper.

Asian - Cool Faces
Skintone: Pink undertone, fair, light to dark olive, light to medium beige. Hair: black, dark brown, burgundy red, gray, salt and pepper. Best Color Families: pink, fuchsia, magenta, blue, gray, black, purple, silver, white.

Asian - Warm Faces
Skintone: yellow undertone, light yellow beige, peachy, golden beige, golden bronze. Hair: Warm Brown, Orangish Red, Blonde or Highlighted. Best Color Families: peach, yellow, orange, brown, camel, green, gold, tan, orange red.

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