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How to do a
Five-Minute Makeover

Fast makeup makeover! We all want to be beautiful, but what good is beauty if we spend all our time getting ready and no time for anyone to see it?

Steps to a fast makeover

With the right products and techniques you're on your way to a great fresh look. After all, if you don't look great, you don't feel great! A good way to get organized is to start with just what you need. You can start with a 9-Piece Complete Mineral Makeup Trial Kit or if you would like to expand it with makeup brushes and bag, the Mineral Makeup Trial Kit 9-Piece Complete Mineral Makeup Kit with 4 Brushes & Free Makeup Bag .

A successful 5-minute makeover requires organization. Keep everything within easy reach and follow your own routine.

 The 5-minute makeover 

1. Mineral foundation in 30-seconds
Quick and easy to apply with a powder brush yet gives you a fresh, flawless look and provides even coverage.
Simply Karen Mineral Foundation

2. Blush in 20-seconds
Use for both cheeks and around eyes for harmonized touch.
Simply Karen Mineral Blush

3. Mascara in 60-seconds
Make your eyes standout with longer, thicker and curled lashes.

4. Lip glosess in 30-seconds.
Eyes and lips are the beauty accents on your face. A little color and sheen make a beautiful attractant to your face.
Lip glosses

Now you are ready to face the world looking and feeling your best!S