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All you need to know
About Mineral Makeup

Mineral Cosmetics are makeup products made of natural, finely ground minerals from the earth, without any of the chemicals, dyes and preservatives found in traditional makeup. This concept has been around for some 30 years but has recently EXPLODED the beauty market.

The most common mineral cosmetics products have been the loose powder foundations and blushes ranging from less than $10 to more than $50 per product.

Many women will turn to mineral makeup as it is safer and better for sensitive, acne or rosacea-prone skin. After years of makeup use, your skin is no longer what it used to be. Ideally, your skin care will consist of no makeup on the face. This is another reason why many women turn to mineral cosmetics.

Benefits of Mineral Cosmetics :

1. They're made from 100% pure, noncomedogenic minerals and have a natural look and feel.

2. They usually have an SPF (sun protection factor) of 15 or higher, to provide superior sun protection and fend off early aging and further photodamage.

3. Most formulas contain no preservatives, therefore good for sensitive, acne or rosacea-prone skin.

4. Most formulas are fragrance free, which means reduced possibility of allergy.

5. They generally contain no oils or talc. Talc has been implicated as a cancer causing agent, although there may not be any conclusive evidence yet. Oils and talcs can also clog pores.

6. Stays on ALL day.

7. Has anti-inflammatory properties due to presence of titanium oxide and zinc oxide.

8. Best of all, because mineral powders are inorganic and contain no moisture, bacteria do not grow and no preservatives are needed. So that means even if you sweat, your makeup stays put.

All good things aside, there are certain drawbacks to mineral cosmetics. ALL BRANDS ARE NOT ALIKE!!

Since there is no set regulation for what constitutes a "mineral” makeup, any product containing minerals as a primary ingredient can be marketed as such -- even if it contains a whole lot of other "less natural" ingredients. Mineral makeup formulas generally fall into two large categories:

1-those that take care not to use synthetics (like paraben preservatives and other fillers) and stay true to the original intent of pure mineral makeup.

2-those that do add the fillers, colors, binders, preservatives, and other chemicals to their formulas.

Although you can eliminate some of these brands by reading the ingredient label, do not let the term "all natural" or "all mineral formula" fool you. See my recommendations down below.
One particular ingredient to watch out for is: BISMUTH OXYCHLORIDE. It is considered a skin irritant and can cause itching which can lead to rashes. In larger amounts this ingredient can cause cystic acne. Try to avoid this ingredient if you have rosacea, acne or sensitive skin. Some products actually contain bismuth oxychloride but in very small quantities. It likely won't irritate your skin, but you won't know until you try it.
One of the factors that makes mineral makeup so popular is the smooth, natural, long-lasting coverage. Companies accomplish this by pulverizing or "micronizing" their minerals into microscopic or even nanoparticle size. The more pulverized-the smaller the particle-the higher the price.

Minerals like zinc and titanium are safe when applied to healthy skin but in a micronized nanoparticle form, there remains a concern, particularly when applied to damaged skin, or when inhaled. Maybe the most expensive, more pulverized brands aren't the "best" after all!

There is 1 brand in particular that I highly recommend based on product quality, price, low shipping fees, selection, and of course NO BISMUTH!

My recommendation:

Simply Karen is currently re-inventing their mineral powders. You won't believe the look and feel of these upcoming powders. Subscribe to my newsletter or sign up for my RSS feed for upcoming details.

In the meantime, you may want to consider this equivalent product. Liquid AND powder...ALL IN ONE! This product has been rated one of top 10 most essential beauty products by New York Times! A MUST HAVE LADIES!!

The Simply Karen mineral foundations are so pure they contain only a few ingredients....that of which are COMPLETELY natural. It is light when applied but yet has amazing cakiness here. SIMPLY SMOOTH AS SILK.