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Title: Pola Island, the cockscomb, off Tutuila's northern shore.
Post by: ipacific on January 26, 2009, 12:04:14 AM
Pola Island 
Part of the National Park of American Samoa on the island of Tutuila, Pola Island (also  known as Cockscomb) is known for its sheer 100 foot cliffs and wheeling seabirds.  In the  past, villagers would scale the cliffs (without climbing equipment) to hunt the nesting  seabirds.  This beautiful natural attraction located on the western end of Vatia Bay is the  most significant nesting area for seabirds in American Samoa.   

Pola Island can be seen either by either driving or taking an aiga bus to the north side of  Tutuila Island.  A more adventurous and scenic option includes a $25 boat ride from Mr.  Rory West at North Shore Tours.

North Shore Tours  Phone: (684) 644-1416  Contact person: Rory West  E-mail:  Expeditions $25