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Title: memories of samoa
Post by: ipacific on September 03, 2008, 09:37:30 PM

In 1972/73 I lived with my sister and parents in vailoatai village,tutuila,american samoa.I was 8yrs. old.I remember our school bus had wooden seats and windows,and our bus stop was the old control tower from the marine base that closed in 47.There were also concrete buildings,I think they may have been barracks,but one day while walking down the road next to these barracks I saw what I believe was a ghost standing under a tree.I don't think I'm crazy,I've never seen another one.I just wonder if anyone else may have had a similar experience.
 David E. Perrotti   

Re: memories of samoa
yes i have experienced the same.i was in samoa when i was 6yrs of age and i seen my grandma