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Title: Looking For My Lutu Willis Family
Post by: Chandelinalyn on September 26, 2008, 09:03:38 PM
Hi.  My name is Lyn, but I was born Chandelina Leilani Willis in Los Angeles, Dec 21, 1966.  Recently, my daughter, Nikki, has been trying to find my family.  I know very little about Samoan culture but am trying to learn.  I live in Iowa with my family, so finding any polynesian information is nearly impossible.  So far, Nikki, with the help of other Lutu and Willis family members, seem to think my father was Alexander Willis who just passed away four years ago.  We are still looking for my mother.  If anyone knows anything, I would just like to possibly find my parent(s) and tell them I am ok, the Lord has blessed me with a wonderful life and that I love them very much.  I know very little, only that my mother was a dancer, model and musician and my father was a model, kickboxer and something else.  I was born at the Los Angeles County Hospital and stayed with my dad for my first five months.  I have a scar on my right cheek from a skin tag that was surgically removed.  I have reddish hair, am fair-skinned unless I spend a lot of time in the sun.  Then I get a lot darker.  In my baby cup is a small tag that has a catholic symbol on it with the initials C.L.W. and '43.  My adoptive mother said my parents couldn't keep me because my mother was a professional musician and her career didn't allow for a baby.  My adoptive papers said I loved bathtime with my dad and that I loved vegetables!  I am sad to think that I might have missed meeting my dad.  I do not want to disrupt any lives, but if I have family somewhere in American Samoa, I would be open to meeting anyone. 
Title: Re: Looking For My Lutu Willis Family
Post by: samoana on November 10, 2008, 11:43:39 AM
The Lutu family is a big family in Fagatogo, and it's history traces back many generations to the village of Sapunaoa in Falealili.  Lutu came over from Upolu to Fagatogo, Am. Samoa and married the daughter of Fa'agata.  Other clans that are related to the Lutu's are the Fa'agata, Taesaliali'i, the Afoafouvale, and the Tupua families in Fagatogo and Utulei, and the Savea family in Faganeanea. There are alot of Lutu's in San Francisco, and throughout the mainland and Hawaii. I will advize you to concentrate on the Village of Fagatogo, because going back to the Sapunaoa connection is a little more complex. soifua
Title: Re: Looking For My Lutu Willis Family
Post by: Blue Dog on February 03, 2009, 08:50:59 PM
There are some Lutu's in the village of Leone, Am Samoa as well as Vailoa.