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Title: Samoan Tattoo traditions
Post by: Tavita Tusitala on October 06, 2008, 11:35:25 PM
It is an old tradition for the chiefs and any man deserving respect, to have geometrical tattoos on their body from waist to knee.
The designs have meanings like the designs on tapa cloth.

Old-style tattoos are painful and it is right of manhood, bravery and perseverance to get the tattoo. Every big chief needs a good tattoo :)
Photos from a tattoo festival:

Samoan chiefly tattoos, waist to knee in geometric designs
Title: Samoan Tatau Tattoo video
Post by: ipacific on July 04, 2012, 02:31:14 AM
"Rites of Courage" documentary film by Miki Magasiva explores the rite of tatau and the coming of age of the Samoan young man in Traditional vs Modern Day.  Men of Samoa undergo the rite of tatau tattooed from hips to chest in a painful, traditional Samoan ceremony. (