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Author Topic: American Samoa not sending delegation to Winter Olympics in Sochi  (Read 4525 times)

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Although American Samoa has sent delegations to march in the opening ceremonies to many Summer Olympics, it is not planning to send delegates to the Winter Olympics in Sochi 2014. In fact, American Samoa has never sent an official delegation to Winter games.

The question came about in an unsubstantiated news story "SCOTLAND, FIJI, AMERICAN SAMOA SHUT OUT OF SOCHI WINTER OLYMPICS OPENING CEREMONIES" from adobochronicles.com
"Sochi, Russia - When contingents from participating nations march in for the opening ceremonies of the 2014 Winter Olympics on February 7  in Sochi, Russia, spectators will not see the athletes  from Scotland, Fiji and American Samoa.
The reason? Vladimir Putin’s government has banned male athletes from wearing skirts in public. The ban is consistent with Russia’s controversial law prohibiting any public display of homosexuality. image
The Scottish olympians were supposed to wear kilts, traditional attire for men and boys in Scotland, while the Fijians and Samoans were to wear the traditional lava lava, a male version of the female sarong. Fiji and American Samoa are among the few tropical nations that send a delegation to the quadrennial winter competitions."

The truth is that the last time American Samoa had athletes participating in the Winter Olympics was 1994 in Lillehammer. There were no planned attendees from American Samoa to Sochi.

The story seems to be another attempt at Russia bashing prior to the opening of the Winter Olympics.

I fully expect Samoans to be allowed to wear traditional lavalavas with pride when and where they wish!


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