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Scottish Bob:
"Talofa & Manuia le Taeao"  Forgive me if my greeting is incorrect.

Hello & Greetings from Australia.

Please may I introduce myself, my name is Bob I am Scottish 73 years old but I live in Melbourne with my wife Judy, I am a member of the Australian Golf Heritage Society and I am currently collecting & Documenting the history of golf being played around the world, I do this by collecting a golf club scorecard from each and every country or island that plays golf.

I have in my collection scorecards from over 250 countries and islands of the world in my collection but I am now concentrating on the Pacific Islands, and I am trying to obtain a scorecard from your beautiful American Samoa and the Ill Ill Golf Club and if possible the year when it first opened.

If anyone could please help me to obtain a scorecard from this golf club I would be very grateful and willing to send you the stamps for the postage, I hope that I have not offeded canyone by my unusual post I wish you all peace & Good Will.

Tofa Soifua & La Manuia Le Kerisimasi Ma Le Tausaga Fou"  I pray that is correct

Bob Davies.
P,O,Box 311
 Victoria 3793


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