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Doing business in American Samoa
« on: January 25, 2009, 11:00:04 PM »
Its exceptional location in the South Pacific, along with its strong economic potential,  stability of government, educational system, and currency all within the U.S. framework  helps to mitigate many of the risks of investing in American Samoa as a potential cruise  line destination.  The Department of Commerce (DOC) is the first stop for investors  interested in doing business in American Samoa.  Any person or company who wishes to  set up a business in American Samoa must first obtain a business license issued by this  department.

      In addition, any application for a business license from a person who is not either an  American Samoan or a permanent resident must also be referred to the Territorial  Planning Commission, which will make a recommendation to the Governor.  This review  takes into consideration, among other issues, registered ownership, anticipated traffic,  parking, water, and sewage needs, impact on land resources and native customs, culture  and traditions, and anticipated (if any), economic opportunities for resident Samoans.  If a  proposed business or development is in a watershed area, land use and zoning variance  requirements also apply. (See American Samoa, The American Samoa Magazine, copyright Pacific Magazine©, 2004)     

 American Samoa’s Tax Code mirrors the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, except for  territorial tax and investment incentives.  The DOC can supply a potential investor with  data for feasibility studies and cost-benefit analysis. 

For further information on Business,  Investment & Trade opportunities, contact the ASG Department of Commerce directly,  or refer to their website at: http://www.asdoc.info.         

American Samoa Government Department of Commerce  Executive Office Building  Pago Pago American Samoa  96799  Phone: (684) 633-5155  Fax: (684) 633-4195  Director: Faleseu Eliu F. Paopao  Deputy Director: Lelei Peau  Economic Development Manager: Alex Zodiacal                                             

Source: American Samoa Office of Tourism


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