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Weather and seasons in American Samoa


Tropical and mild

Normal days fluctuate between 75-85 degress and almost 100% humidity.
It is summer in Samoa when it is winter in North America, but the diffrerence between seasons is very mild. Generally, the sun shines everyday, it rains everyday and it is wamr and humid everyday.

American Samoa is located south of the equator and in the path of the Southeast trade  winds, resulting in frequent rainfall and a warm tropical climate.  The islands have year-round temperatures between 70 and 90 degrees, with humidity averaging 80 percent.   

American Samoa’s tropical climate has two seasons: a wet summer season (between  October and May), and a slightly cooler and drier season (June to September).  The  average rainfall is 125 inches annually, occurring mostly between December and March.     

 Typically, the "rainy" season is defined as October through April.


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