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Aiga Buses - the family buses to get around the islands


Aiga Buses 

For a truly ‘local’ experience in American Samoa, be sure to ride the small, colorful aiga  buses.  These colorful, individually owned pickup trucks have been modified for public  transport around the island and are often equipped with ear-busting sound systems.  The  buses make unscheduled runs around Pago Pago Harbor and the more remote areas of the  island from the main terminal at Fagatogo Market. Fares normally range from $.75 -  $1.75.  Try to have as near to the exact change as possible. Because the runs are  unscheduled, try to head back from your destination no later than M-F 4:00pm, and Sat.  2pm. 

Take a ride on an Aiga (ainga) bus towards Pago Pago on hippo's blog video: 
See the typical coastline, hear the Aiga Bus radio music and feel the warm breeze going by.


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