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Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary


Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary  

Located on the southern central shore of Tutuila, Fagatele Bay is a submerged volcanic  crater, which has been designated a U.S. National Marine Sanctuary. The Bay, which  covers 254 acres, is fringed by a small Indo-Pacific coral reef.  It is approximately seventenths of a mile in diameter with depths of more than 400 feet deep in some places.  The  smallest and most remote of all Federal Marine Sanctuaries, Fagatele Bay is indicative of  an ecosystem typical to the Pacific Islands.  Regulations protect all invertebrates and limit  the type of fishing gear permitted.     

Tours can be arranged by either contacting the American Samoan Office of Tourism at  (684) 9411 or the Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary.     

Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary 
P.O. Box 4318  Pago Pago, American Samoa,  96799 
Phone: (684) 633-7354  Fax: (684) 633-7355 
Contact person: Nancy Daschbach, Santuary Coordinator 

The sanctuary protects extensive coral reefs, including some of the oldest and largest Porites coral heads in the world.


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