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Tour Operators and Travel Companies in American Samoa

Tour Operators and Travel Companies in American Samoa

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Tour Operators and Travel Companies in American Samoa

A summary of the five tour operators listed on the Office of Tourism website shows that  a number of specialized and custom tours are currently being offered that would appeal to  cruise ship passengers interested in shore excursions in addition to the tours offered by  the National Park, Fagatele Bay and the Historical Walking Tour.  The following are the  actual descriptions of these tours as listed on the American Samoa Office of Tourism,  Department of Commerce website.

 North Shore Tours
Take a walk on the wild side! 
Tour 1 - Beachcombers Tour: Shoreline hiking and pole fishing, along a rugged coastline  of beaches and blowholes and tide pools (Approximately 4 hours - $25.00 per person)     Tour 2 - Wet & Wild Tour: reef walking to Samoan bat cave.  Pristine beaches, rugged  scenery (Approximately 4 hours - $25.00 per person)     Tour 3 - (choice of 3)  Ironman Marathons   1.  Hike to Massacre Bay & return  2.  Hike Fagasa to Vatia ridge  3.  Vatia/Tafeu loop     Approximately 6 hours - $35.00 per person    What to bring:   Sturdy footwear, snacks, water, sun block, mask & snorkel.    All tours include bus transportation from fuel dock and return   Also private beach parties, camping and rental cabin.   
Contact Roy West, phone: (684) 258-3527     

Pago Pago Tradewinds Tours & Rentals 
Betty Cavanaugh is the leading ground tour operator in American Samoa handling  passengers from cruise ships to package tours from around the world, with 31 years of  experience in promoting tourism in Pago Pago, American Samoa.  Her signature bus  tours travel from east to west in caravans of five to ten busloads of tourists taking in the  local sights and sounds of Tutuila Island.     Coordinating the cruise ships to visit American Samoa is a delicate strategy of arranging  cultural demonstrations, entertainment, umu food tasting, everything and anything a  tourist may happen to desire while visiting the South Pacific.  Special tours are her most  challenging and fun experiences, she may even write a book about it someday.     P.O. BOX 968   Pago Pago, American Samoa,  96799 

Singing Water Tour 
Your hosts: Tusipa & Litani Ahoia of Nu'uuli Village  1 hour tour: 50 person minimum /100 maximum $15.00 per person  Except Saturdays - Tour Schedules to be arranged   
Tour Package includes: 
•  Umu demonstration & food tasting with complimentary lemonade   
•  Feeding of eels   
•  5 to 10 minute hike to waterfall   
•  Feeding fresh water tilapia and sesele   
•  Complimentary lava-lava   
•  Crafts demonstrations, handicrafts & original artwork for sale at Samoan Fale   
•  Guests serenaded with live Polynesian band strumming guitars & ukuleles.

 Tisa’s Barefoot Beach Eco-tour Samoa
Email:  Phone: 684-622-7447    Call ahead for reservations.  Your hosts: Tisa & Candyman of Alega Beach  Full Stock Bar Service opens from 12 noon daily.  Eco-tours available everyday of the week.  $25.00 per person    Tour Package includes:  Samoan style lunch and activities tour package  Time:  2 - 3 hours             
•  Cultural Demonstration  Umu display & umu tasting     
•  Swim, snorkel, kayaking and hiking to waterfall   
•  Local Tattoo Artist available     Optional tours: to Island of Aunu'u- Coast Drive to Village of Auasi     Tour Package per person arranged with Tour Operator   Maximum: 20 persons   Time: 5 hours   
•  Boat trip to Aunu'u Island - 20 minutes   
•  Village Hike Tour/around Island/Swim   
•  Bag lunch or buy at village stores   
National Park: Coastal Drive to National Park Sites - Eastern District.   Tour Package per person arranged with Tour Operator   Maximum: 20 persons   Time: 5 hours   
•  Hike the National Park and visit Vatia Village   
•  Bat Caves Hike   
•  Cultural Demonstration - Tuiasosopo Guest Fale  - Umu prepared by village
of  Vatia

Haleck Heights Tour 
A significant and exciting tour, Haleck Heights Tour, hosted by Dorothy and Otto  Haleck, Sr. of Tafeta Village, offers more than a spectacular view from their residence.   The Otto Haleck, Sr.  Museum, the Tilapia Ponds, rainforest and tropical garden walk,  and traditional sweet banana tasting with coconut cream and cocoa rice, make this a very  personable and interesting visit.  Islands Choice juices and water are included.  Also  available are the artisans demonstrating their handicrafts for display and sale.      For more information on this tour contact Dorothy Haleck at (684) 688-1922   email:      Hiking Trails    The Hiking Trails that are accessible on Tutuila include:     Name                                                          Location  The Starmound Trek                                       Tafuna  Aoloaufou Upland Village trail                      Aoloau  Aoloautuai-deserted village                           A’asu/Aoloau  Stepp’s Point/Fagatele Bay                             Futiga  Matafao-Eye of the Needle                             Pago Pago  Blunt’s Point                                                   Utulei/Gatavai  Faga’itua to Pioa                                             Faga’itua/Aua  Tula to Sa’ilele-Coastal Walk                        Tula/Sailele  Mount Alava-Vatia Track                              Pago Pago/Vatia    For guided hikes and tours contact the Office of Tourism: (684) 699-9411 


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This is a great and valuable information about North Shore Tours, Pago Pago Tradewinds Tours, Singing Water Tour,  Tisa’s Barefoot Beach Eco-tour and Haleck Heights Tour.

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American (Amerika) Samoa is a group of six Polynesian islands in the South Pacific. Fourteen degrees below the equator, it is the United States' southern-most territory. It is known as the heart of Polynesia. If you drew a triangle from Hawaii, New Zealand and Tahiti you would find Samoa in the middle. Western Samoa is a neighboring independent country that shares the same culture. American Samoa became an unorganized U.S. territory in 1900.

         I am having a tour with my family this season so I think this will help me . Thanks for sharing. I think my vacation will be perfect.


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