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Moving to American Samoa - can anyone help?

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Hello, my wife and I want to move to American Samoa this year. We have searched and tried to find an much information as possible, but still have some questions if someone could help.

How easy is it to find a furnished 1 bedroom apartment of small house for rent? We would move before finding one and have to stay in a hotel until we can rent one. Also what is the average price for this type of rent?

Are any of the Islands easier to start in when we first move?

What is the average price for food - are the stores and markets expensive?

Finally, I know that as US Citizens we can stay there, but are we allowed to work as well or do we need a Visa for that?

Thank you for any help you can provide.


U.S. Citizens can visit American Samoa for tourism or business without a visa for 30 days.
An airplane ticket showing departure is required to prove you will only stay 30 days.
Or proof of employment, such as a teacher with a Dept. Of Education contract.
After that the Attorney General of American Samoa must give permission to stay.
The US government does not get involved in immigration to American Samoa.

Other nationalities need to obtain a visa as for the United States.

Here are some blogs you might find helpful

And look for ours coming soon. My wife and I head to Samoa in Sept 2010!


This is the best help we can do

Any reputable property/real estate agents to help with finding a home to LEASE?


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