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Author Topic: Are you Tongan/Samoan? Please read this survey  (Read 5000 times)

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Are you Tongan/Samoan? Please read this survey
« on: February 24, 2009, 02:43:51 AM »
SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE? Please answer some questions that you know!
I need to answer these questions for my project due on Thursday. I hope you guys can help me. I'll appreciate it a lot. :)

First of all, please tell me where do you live, even just the city, and a few info bout you like:

I PROMISE that this will be CONFIDENTIAL!

Here are the questions:
- Cite 2 core values binding the group. Give examples.
- What makes a "good citizen" of the group?
- Gender differences
- What are your attitudes toward sex and sexual identity?
- Cite two dominant customs/ traditions
- interpret the significance of the custom/tradition cited.
- cite and interpret a major ritual
- cite and interpret spiritual/religious belief.
- explain kinship bonds
- role of marriage?
-social hierarchy
- internal conflicts
- cite and interpret 1 joke
- type and role of music
- attitudes towards "other" races and ethnic groups.




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Re: Are you Tongan/Samoan? Please read this, and HELP ME! pLEASE!
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2009, 07:26:30 AM »
Alex, you need to tell about yourself, who you are, what is the project for and importantly, and how to contact you.


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