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A place to retire
« on: September 03, 2008, 09:17:11 PM »
Hello '
I now reside in the state of Florida but i am looking for a place to retire ' Can you please let me know about the housing situation there and the many activities ' I am very active in swimming and riding my mountain bike ' Thank you for your time and patience [:) s]
Email: big.bear.0623@gmail.com

Re: A place to retire
William, I lived in samoa many years ago, and still keep close tabs on the goings on in Samoa. First if you love the water samoa is thr right place, you'r surrounded by it !! The living on the island is another story. Samoa is very very deeply family orientated and pass homes, property, and customs from one generation to another. Their are several Islands in the Anerican Samoa group. Tutuila being the largest and most moderized. ( not that this is a good thing?) The old ways ( Fa'a Samoa) is the way I wish to remember, before the foreiners (Palangi's) screwed things up. Pretty much the same thing they did to Hawaii. What I am tring to say is unless you are Samoan, have the family ties or an adoptive family, you should probably look else where for a place to retire. Oh, did I mention I'm a Palangi, Samoana class of 72- GO SHARKS.

Re: Re: A place to retire
Hello. I am looking at maybe coming to teach in American Samoa over the next year and I was wondering if anyone could give me any information about the country.
I have read it is very family oriented. I am a palangi.
I am just curious on other people's impression of the country and people and things of that nature before deciding to spend a year there.
Thank you very much.
Email: s_mundine@hotmail.com

Re: Re: Re: A place to retire
I did a (brief) midwifery internship at LBJ Tropical Medical Center more than ten years ago. I found the Samoans to be gracious, welcoming, proud of their traditions and eager to share them. I was fascinated, but lonely. This may have been more because I missed my own family than any fault of Samoa! Nurses I worked with did invite me to meals, and to church. Show interest, not judgment, and remember many Palangi before you were not particularly nice, so understand if you have to prove yourself a little. No-one was ever rude or unkind to me, although I sometimes encountered a disconcerting level of frankness.

You will have a much easier time if you make the effort to fit in by respecting the family, often Christian, values and physical modesty that characterizes Samoa. Immodest dress is much frowned upon. Not sharing, meals, belongings, etc. will be tolerated but will certainly mark you as a foreigner who doesn't intend to try to adjust. I learned not to admire anything too much for fear it would be offered to me. I also wound up giving away many of the clothes I arrived with, and was the richer for it.

I loved so much about my couple of months there, and still think about going back. I sometimes look at my photo album and wonder if any of the people I knew still work at LBJ.


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Re: A place to retire
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2008, 01:16:30 PM »
I served with th U.S. Marine Corps on American Samoa in Happy Valley and in Pago Pago during 1943-44 for about 15 months. It's one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. I have always wanted to return there for a visit, but never made it back. I knew a tiene, Fai Tu, who helped me to adjust to the local culture. We were good friends, not intimate, but enjoyed one anothers company. She was a good Christian girl from a good Christian family. Anyone who can make it to American Samoa should go.


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Re: A place to retire
« Reply #2 on: December 12, 2008, 08:17:08 AM »
I have a wonderful place in the Great Smokey Mountains in Tennessee.  If you are interested in having a wonderful place to live and play just contact me and I might be able to help you.

Thank you!


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