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Has anyone seen the sailing yacht Kismet around the Islands?

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I am trying to contact the yacht Kismet last reported in the Islands at Pago-Pago. Any help will be appreciated

I haven't seen it, but is this the famous huge Yacht Kismet? 223-feet long, 42-feet wide, 66-feet high, and worth about $130 Million?$130-million-kismet-queen-of-the-48th-fort-lauderdale-international-boat-show

trimaran is it? or might it be a mono hull? Kismet hails a mighty big name. I too wish to be in the Polynesia's within 2 years. We are shopping for a 40' monohull ketch.

Kristin Tupuola:
my husband is from american samoa.

You can usually get in contact with most commercial yachts via the phone number or email address on their home page.



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