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Author Topic: Gov. Togiola opens new Amaluia village road  (Read 4830 times)

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Gov. Togiola opens new Amaluia village road
« on: March 24, 2009, 12:20:10 PM »
Gov. Togiola opens new Amaluia mountainside road; cost $215,000

(UTULEI) – Governor Togiola Tulafono opened this month the Amaluia Village mountainside road that cost $215,000 to build. 

The project, which broke ground on September 11 last year, is a 462-foot road in the middle of the village, near the stream, and it now provides paved direct access to many homes on the mountainside and plantations, as well as the village’s Congregational church.

Governor Togiola expressed his delight with the completion of the road project, which was built by RM Construction.

“I am very happy that your road has been built, and I said back when we broke ground last September that my hope is that it will lead to more development of Amaluia village away from the main road and the shoreline,” Governor Togiola told village council leaders. “You have a beautiful road. This road project is a wonderful success for your village and your county of Alataua. And I wish to congratulate everyone involved. You should be extremely proud of your achievement, and in working together with Public Works and the construction company. Thank you for a job well done.”

The mountainside road features two lanes and a sidewalk. The project was fully funded by the U.S. Department of Transportation - Federal Highway Administration for a total cost of $214,885, and the Civil Highway Division of the Department of Public Works managed the project.


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