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Samoa or Tahiti?


Hi, I just realized I have enough frequent flyer miles to go to American Samoa or Tahiti! So... which should it be, and when?

When is a good time to visit American Samoa? ...any interesting festivales etc.?
What does Samoa offer which Tahiti does'nt have? (I'm interested in nature, hiking, snorkeling, + other outdoors activities)

Please help me decide

Samoa Is the real deal South Pacific in other words if you love The Pacific you will love Samoa. While the beaches may not be as sensational as the Cooks the cultural experience of Samoa is probably better. The markets, Robert Louis Stevenson's house and the neighboring Islands especially American Samoa are all worth a visit.

Upolu  Samoa have an eclectic mix of natural riches that extend far beyond white sand beaches and blue lagoons.


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