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Hi, I am on a RTW trip with 2 mates. Currently in New Zealand and due to go to Fiji at the end of September. My two mates have decided to stay in NZ so I will be travelling alone. I have about a week, am flying in and out of Nadi. Dont know anything about Fiji really so was wondering if anyone had advice on what to do, where to go, where to stay, any specific tours I could book etc? As I am backpacking budget is a factor to so would be looking at recommendations for hostels etc.
Any and all advice appreciated. Thank you in advance.

trekking tour

 8) - Is there anyone out there that can respond to this.  I am actually planning a trip overseas next year and as part of it, we are going to FIJI. YEAH!. I have been posting in forums to get advice, because you can usually find much better suggestions in forums than online where the advertisers are just pounding away at you.

Thanks, and looking forward to it!!!!


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