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Author Topic: 31 Confirmed dead in American Samoa as federal assistance begins to arrive  (Read 2945 times)

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31 Confirmed dead as federal assistance begins to arrive

The confirmed death toll from Tuesday’s earthquake and tsunami stands at 31 following the discovery of three bodies yesterday; while the government is coordinating with federal officials a census for families to ensure every family member is accounted for, said Gov.Togiola Tulafono during yesterday’s news conference at the Emergency Operation Center in Tafuna

Manu’a appears “not to be as damaged as Tutuila,” said Togiola adding the group also carried out site visits of Tutuila and “witnessed devastation” in Leone to Alataua county as well as Pago Pago and the harbor and the “damages are substantial as we can see for ourselves.”

He said Mike Sala, the director of the local Department of Homeland Security has been appointed Chief Coordinating Officer for American Samoa.
Samoa News has the most news about the situation:


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