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Holidays in Samoan and English translation
(Aso means day)

Thanksgiving       Aso Fa'afetai
Christmas          Kerisimasi
New Year Day    Tausaga Fou  ( Fou - New )
Easter                Aso Eseta
Mothers Day      Aso Tina
Fathers Day       Aso Tama
birthday           aso fanau
wedding          fa'aipoipoga
election day       aso palota

Holiday greetings in Samoan
Merry Christmas       Manuia le Kerisimasi
Happy New Year              Manuia le Tausaga Fou
Happy Birthday          Manuia lou Aso Fanau
Happy Mothers Day     Manuia le Aso o Tina
Happy Fathers Day      Manuia le Aso o Tama

could ya please post the pronunciation so I can make sure I am saying it right...

fa'afetai tele lava...(I am

Tavita Tusitala:
Thank you very much!
Fah-ahfeytai tehleh lahvah!

Samoan Pronunciation

Samoa is a very fine place to visit and with its ten islands, it has one of the most vibrant Polynesian cultures of all.The islands are blessed with natural beauty a tropical paradise where the environment is pristine, the people friendly and hospitable, and a living culture treasured by all.

Hi...i dnt knw who u r but u r doing a great job. n i love samoa n people frm thr. loads of love samoa.
i m too learning da basic vocabulary.. so hope u wil sure help me buddy. xoxo


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