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Author Topic: Looters run rampant in the Pago Pago Bay area  (Read 4265 times)

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Looters run rampant in the Pago Pago Bay area
« on: October 01, 2009, 06:29:17 AM »
Looters run rampant in the Pago Pago Bay area

One big problem surfacing after the earthquake and tsunami on Tuesday is the looting of stores and businesses in the Bay Area. The Department of Health is, however, warning against consumption of food items which were taken as part of the looting, since they may be spoiled.

Just after the tsunami struck the Bay Area, and after the water receded leaving behind great damage to stores, offices, and other businesses, the looting got underway.

Samoa  News even witnessed youngsters in school uniforms removing goods and other items from stores along the shoreline in Fagatogo such as Shoe Tree and Seaside Store & Gas Station.

Several students and some adults were walking out of these two businesses with packs of items, including cookies and other goods, while others looked on. An employee of Seaside making her way back to the store, saw the looting and yelled out to the youngsters to get away from the store.

At the Kruse store in Pago Pago, it was everyone helping themselves to what was available on the shelves. Eyewitnesses say people were walking out of the store with loads of goods, while others waited their turn. Samoa News also witnessed the same problem later  in the day.
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