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Thinking of taking a position in Samoa
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June 18, 2019, 09:54:05 AM *
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Author Topic: Thinking of taking a position in Samoa  (Read 4097 times)
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« on: September 03, 2008, 09:49:55 PM »

I am looking into taking a position at the community college in Samoa. I live in the U.S. - and have a few questions about logistics:

What are the Visa requirements?
Where would I live? Can I rent an apartment? What is housing like?
Are there buses or public transportation, or do I need a car? And if so - do I have to ship mine, or is there transportation available?
What are the requirements for bringing a pet? I have a dog.
What about health? Is there a good public hospital or clinic?
Thanks to whomever can help me out on this one!
Tristen Bonacci

Re: Thinking of taking a position in Samoa
Hi Tristen -
I have similar questions you do as I am considering volunteering in American Samoa over the next year as a teacher. I am looking at going through an organization called WORLDTEACH. Their website has some information that may be useful to you . They also provide links to other sites that may help. Please let me know if this was useful to you and what you have found out.
Their website is:

Re: Re: Thinking of taking a position in Samoa
When my wife and I first started teaching we desperately wanted to go to Samoa to teach. Discovered there were too many obstacles for us and had to give up the idea. We had a number of Samoan friends at the time and were terribly disappointed we could not go there to teach. Good luck if you decide to go and "talofa".

Re: Re: Thinking of taking a position in Samoa
Thanks, Sam - I'll check out World Teach.
Tristen Bonacci

Re: Thinking of taking a position in Samoa
You will love it there, you can use your Visa there's banks there. If you can make friends very fast you can hook up with a local family and they are very friendly people. They have houses for rent 3 bedrooms for $300.00 can you beat that? since you're by yourself you can find a one bedroom and it will be way cheaper. They have buses running through the island, I don't think you'll need to ship your car over you can take the buses and on the weekend if you need to go take a tour you can rent a car. You can have a bike to ride around town but not on the main road that the buses take 'cause there's only one lane either way and they have bad traffic, I think there's more cars than people hehehe. Oh you don't need to take your pet dog there, they have enough dogs there, I feel sorry for your dog those dogs there might chew him up for breakfast. The dogs there are wild they bite they don't have pet dogs there they have wild dogs it's hard to control there's too many dogs in the island they're trying to get rid of some of them. The tourists have been complaing when they go for bike rides they'll run over and try to bite them and that interrupt their rides 'cause they'll run after them on the road, that's no fun...Just get intouch with the office of Tourism they should give you some information. The life there is far way different than the busy and rush life here in the US, you'll have fun. Good luck..........Nana
Nana Taylor

Re: Thinking of taking a position in Samoa
Hi Tristen,
You wouldn't have any trouble teaching in Am Samoa if you were born in US you don't need any visa. I suggest
if you need to obtain a position in Am Samoa why not take a month in the island and have a look around get the feel of it and go from there.

The people in Samoa are very friendly they will take you as a part of a family. The transportation is no problem buses are running frequently it doesn't matter which side of the island you want to visit. there are buses everywhere very easy to get around. is your choice if you want to have your own transport hiring a car can be very costly unless you apply for a teaching position through the government and they will supply housing and transportation for you.

If you need to rent a house or a flat I think the cost of renting can be 500USD a month. There is private doctors or the hospital if you need medical care but its a long waiting in the hospital an hour up to two hours for the outpatien,

With your dog uuummm there are a lot of dogs in samoa roamimg the street everytime I get to go for a walk in the morning I get chased by a pack of dogs. its up to you vet can be costly. I live in australia every year I go home to visit my Mum. and the dog population is increasing he!he! by the way most of apartments in Samoa are furnished.

Tristen you wouldn't have any trouble fit in with the locals most of people speak english.
I hope this informations will you.
Cheers now
Tua Brown

Thank you

Thank you for all of the good information - I still do not know where I will be for the upcoming school year, but I will keep this all in mind.
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