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Videos from (Western) Samoan Tsunami from Red Cross and other sources:

Tavita Tusitala:
Serene Tui Give eyewitness account of Tsunami in Pago Pago

Serene Tui on way to school gives account as to what happened that morning September 29 when the 8.3 earthquake hit and the tsunami generated afterwards was like.

Pago Harbor receded until the bay bottom could be seen.  Then a rushing wave approached.  Afterwards, everything seems to bottom out for Pago Pago.

Interview taken 9 am at Fagatogo, American Samoa.

Standing along the pier on the small alia harbor, damage is seen all around.

Tavita Tusitala:
A Wellington, NZ surfer tells how he escaped the tsunami by riding it out

Chris Nel was surfing with friends near the island of Savai'i when the water suddenly drained from the reef and they were sucked out to sea.

"Which was quite lucky actually because deeper water I think saved us. If anyone had been caught on the inside of the reef they would have been quite seriously injured or died."

The group was able to paddle against the incoming current and stayed out at sea, only returning to the beach when the water had settled.

Watch the video how a surfer escaped the tsunami

Tavita Tusitala:
Australian survivor tells of hanging on for dear life during the Samoan tsunami

Video report by an Australian survivor telling about hanging on for dear life.
Australian Lisa Cross was on a boat off Samoa when the tsunami struck. She tells her story to News Online's Cassie White.

Tavita Tusitala:
NZTV airs show about concerns for Samoa tsunami survivors

Two months after a devastating tsunami killed nearly 200 in Samoa there are growing concerns for the thousands of traumatised survivors who desperately need help.

Whole village populations along the ravaged south coast of Samoa have fled to the hills unable to face the sea which claimed their loved ones.

When teenager Manaia Faaliga found his mother lying dead in a pool of water his childhood was ripped from him.

"It's so sad for me, we can never get over this. I feel sad most of the time," says Faaliga.


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