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Author Topic: National Park of American Samoa Crews Assists Villages With Recovery  (Read 2696 times)

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October 6, 2009, Pago Pago, American Samoa – The villages of Pago Pago, Afono, Vatia, Leone and Fagasa were all hard hit by the tsunami on September 29th. The National Park of American Samoa, supported by the National Park Service Western Incident Management Team (IC Ziemann) continues to aid these partner villages in recovery efforts.  Crews of totaling up to 50 staff and volunteers are working to remove debris from homes, roads and schools in the five villages.

In coordination with the village Chiefs, the crews of local Samoans, many having suffered personal losses during the tsunami, are helping families and schools with debris removal and cleanup. Today, the crews in Fagasa and Afono were working in the local schools.

Aliitasi Fepuleai, principal of Fagasa’s Le’atele Elementary School expressed her gratitude for the assistance of the park crew. She said the park crew had been there since the beginning. They helped clean out the classrooms and schoolyard. According to one crew member, they were greeted by the applause of teachers and villagers after cleaning out the rotting food in the lunch room – no one else wanted to do it.Fagasa-School-2-800

Damaged desks and chairs, fencing, and a jumble of debris were being piled for removal. School children with black plastic trash bags were picking up debris in the schoolyard. The school’s 18-20 computers lost in the tsunami were nowhere to be seen.

“The children were on the way to school when the tsunami hit, they ran from the water. With the massive damage we haven’t lost any kids,” said Principal Fepuleai.

She went on to say “It’s such a blessing to have so many people, especially from the states, helping us out.”

Park crews continue assisting where needed in the partner villages. The National Park Service is supplying the necessary tools, personal protective gear and water to support the crews in their cleanup efforts.



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