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Tsunami Chronology from New Zealand Press
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Author Topic: Tsunami Chronology from New Zealand Press  (Read 1189 times)
Tavita Tusitala
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« on: October 20, 2009, 10:41:33 AM »

Tsunami Coverage from New Zealand Press

NZ aid to Samoa arrives on HMNZS Canterbury
The HMNZS Canterbury arrived in Samoa today with much needed aid, vehicles and supplies in the wake of last month's earthquake and tsunami.

NZ and Australia combine aid donation
New Zealand and Australia will each give $NZ6.18 million to the Samoan Government for tsunami recovery and reconstruction efforts.
Supplies sail for Samoa and Tonga
HMNZS Canterbury sets sail for Samoa and Tonga today loaded with specialist supplies and containers of donated goods for victims of the tsunami.
Thousands pay their last respects in Samoa
Wreaths were laid at a memorial service in Apia for 143 casualties of the Samoan tsunami.
Quake sends Samoa back to the hills
A massive earthquake in Vanuatu sparked a tsunami watch in Samoa – hit just over a week ago by giant waves which killed about 140 people.
Samoa memorial service for tsunami dead underway
Eleven caskets lie before church ministers at Samoa's National Memorial Service for those killed in the tsunami.
Ground readied for mass Samoa burial
Samoan laborers are working to prepare a mass grave where tsunami victims will be laid to rest.
Samoan refugees vow to stay inland
Sitting beside her only cooking pot under a makeshift tarpaulin shelter, Faitele Aiolupo ticks pretty much every aid needs box: another tarpaulin, mosquito nets, utensils, tools, food and water.
Warning over charity scams
Generosity shown by Kiwis through donations to tsunami-devastated Samoa has been met with warnings from Pacific community leaders.
'Seconds and meters' between life and death
Andy White watched helplessly as the Samoan tsunami took his wife, Mary Ann, after she fell into a hole as they tried to run to safety.

Man's best friend: the forgotten victims
Among the pulverised concrete, a lone dog stands guard, awaiting a master who will never return.
Abby's 'obsession' saves family
A Wellington girl's fascination with disasters is being credited for saving lives.
Cricket-pitch funeral for 100
The people of Samoa will farewell more than 100 who were killed in the tsunami in a mass funeral at a sports ground.
Thoughts with families of dead
A Christchurch woman who narrowly escaped the deadly tsunami that devastated Samoa has returned home.
Medical staff to boost NZ aid
More medical staff are being rushed to Samoa as the number of Kiwis working in the Pacific tsunami zone rises to 160.
Heavyweight David Tua shoulders the load
Samoan sports stars David Tua and Inga Tuigamala had an emotional homecoming when they arrived in Apia to help victims of last week's tsunami.
Seeking closure for a traumatised nation
On the north side of Upolu, men in fluoro vests prettify road verges with weedeaters, while at the southeastern tip the search for bodies continues.
Samoa death toll rises, more support pledged
More deaths in Samoa are "inevitable", experts say, as concerns about deadly outbreaks of disease grow.
NZ medics treat Samoa tsunami victims
A New Zealand medical team will today begin operating on those injured during the quake and tsunami that hit Samoa last week.
Pacific tsunami toll
The names of those so far identified as dying in last week's Pacific tsunami:
Looting hardest to take in tsunami aftermath
A New Zealand woman whose family home and possessions were washed away by the tsunami in Samoa found the toughest thing to deal with was the looting that followed.
John Key promises Samoa tsunami help
Prime Minister John Key has given a personal assurance to the Samoan government of New Zealand's commitment to emergency relief and long-term reconstruction after last week's tsunami.
Govt still looking for 50 Kiwis after Samoa tsunami
The Government is still trying to contact 50 New Zealanders who may have been in Samoa during a massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami.
Tua wants to help in Samoa
Kiwis tell of fleeing tsunami wave
Three Kiwi teachers scrambled to a hilltop, barely outrunning the first wave to hit Samoa.
Helpers criticise tsunami aid effort</a>
Kiwi volunteers working to return the dead to their families are angry about the lack of resources available from New Zealand.
Kiwis raise voices for Samoa
Whether it's with their voices or their hands, Kiwis are doing what they can to help rebuild Samoa.
Tsunami-devastated village honours visiting Key
Prime Minister John Key has just been made a high chief or "ali'i" of the tsunami-devastated village of Poutasi.
Battered hero's legend grows after tsunami
Squinting through a black eye and too groggy to speak, Richard Lauina can only expose his newly gap-toothed smile when told he is being called a hero.
Kiwis rush in to help Samoa
A Christchurch electrician is among the first volunteers to offer to help rebuild Samoa.
Churches plan services to remember tsunami victims
Local Samoans are turning to the church to pray for missing relatives.
Devastation continues to grow in Samoa
The battle to deal with the devastation in Samoa continues, as the search for bodies includes a missing two-year-old Auckland boy.
Relief worker tells of rotting bodies following tsunami</a>
A relief worker in tsunami-hit Samoa has described the "appalling" devastation and smell.
Over 230 Kiwis unaccounted for in Samoa
Hackers cash in on Samoa tsunami</a>
Cyber-criminals are using the public's hunger for information about the Samoan disaster to lure them to poisoned websites that can compromise a computer's defences.
Baby Tsunami christened in wake of disaster</a>
The youngest baby to survive Samoa's devastating Pacific tsunami has been christened in its memory.
Three New Zealanders confirmed dead after Samoa tsunami</a>
Three New Zealanders have been confirmed as killed in the Pacific tsunami, with grave concerns held for others.
Plea to Kiwis to dig deep for Samoa
 Aid agencies are asking New Zealanders to dig deep and give generously as they deal with the carnage of the earthquake and tsunami which has killed scores of people in Samoa, Tonga and American Samoa this week.
$1m fund for Samoa and more to come
The Government has set up a $1 million emergency relief fund for Samoa and Tonga and is promising long-term aid with reconstruction as efforts gear up to help the tsunami-ravaged islands.
Family loses 13 members in tsunami
A Samoan family has lost 13 of its members, in the tsunami which devastated the country’s south coast this week.
Christchurch woman 'scrambled' to escape tsunami
"We all just scrambled and pushed each other up this hill face. We knew our time was up," a Kiwi caught in the tsunami recalls.
Second tsunami escape for Southland man</a>
Gordon McKenzie is either lucky or extremely unlucky.
Wellington surfer rode out giant tsunami waves</a>
A Wellington man, forced to ride out the Samoan tsunami on his surfboard, thought he would be smashed by the surging water.
Direct aid sought for Samoan villagers</a>
A Christchurch family that lost six extended-family members in Samoa is appealing for aid to go directly to the country's villagers.
Recovery after hell on Earth in Samoa
Fisherman Tuatagaloa Tualogo stands on a block of concrete – all that remains of his house.
PM John Key to view Samoan damage</a>
$1m in NZ aid pledged
Relatives wait for news of tsunami survivors
Worried relatives unsure of the fate of missing family members in Samoa have gathered together.
Timeline: Asia-Pacific quakes and tsunamis</a>
A timeline of major earthquakes and tsunamis in the Asia-Pacific area:
In the path of the tsunami
Colin Nordstrom scrambled on to his ship and steamed out as the tsunami approached.
Tsunami claims effervescent grandmother</a>
Mary Ann White loved living by the beach. Tragically, it was the beach that ended up claiming the Raglan mother-of-three's life.
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