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Author Topic: Hip-Hop star Savage loses 27 aiga in Samoa tsunami  (Read 6066 times)

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Hip-Hop star Savage loses 27 aiga in Samoa tsunami
« on: October 28, 2009, 03:24:04 PM »
Savage loses 27 family members in Samoa tsunami 

Hip-hop star Savage has revealed he lost 27 relatives in last month's Samoan tsunami.

"It's really personal for me," he told the Samoa Observer newspaper.

Savage, real name Demetrius Savelio, hails from Lalomanu, the epicentre of the tsunami which killed 143 people in Samoa.

He told the newspaper of his connections with the Taufua family which lost 13 members and on his mother's side which lost 14 members.

Savage's relatives at Poutasi, further along the coast, lost their houses.

"All that put in a nutshell is hard to swallow," said Savage.

Some of the killed relatives and the beach at Lalomanu feature in Savage's video made earlier this year, I love the Islands.

Savage is in Samoa for a tsunami concert which will include include Scribe, Mareko, Alphrisk, Brother D, the Yandall Sisters, Lapi Mariner and Adeaze. He helped organise ther recent fundraising concert in Auckland at Vector Arena, called I Love the Islands.

The Samoa Observer said Savage was in tears recalling the memories of pristine sandy beaches and breathtaking views of the south coast when he made the video.

"My single I Love the Islands was like the last raw footage of what the beach was like," he said.

"It's a video clip I take a lot of pride in. To now see it on TV gives you a bit of sorrow and sadness because you know now what we were standing on back then is all gone," he told the Observer.

"It's hard for us Samoans in New Zealand because we're so far away watching the news in the comfort of our homes to see the devastation of our families and villages. It was important for us to come back here."


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