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I need information about work opportunities such as teaching ESL, theatre, filmmaking?
Thank you,

David Rothauser

thank you david to shre the problem here, you must visit to you will find latest jobs their

Penina O le Vasaloloa:
This query was presented about two years ago. :(
There are jobs, but that would take looking into what the Dept of Human Resources has posted or listed, what is advertised in the local newspaper et cetera. ASDOE is always in need of teachers...good ones. Many of the local government agencies post  contract,job..recruitment/ openings @ DHR...
The American Samoa Community College is another potential employer to consider...especially if you want to seriously consider utilizing your skill/expertise in film, the arts and humanities...program

I am quite sure you've gotten some idea or answer by now.

John Regalo:
I am a fresh graduate college and looking for a work abroad. If you can provide me please let me know through my email. I am an I.T Student from a University in Philippines. Here is my email address Thanks

Thanks for the info


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