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Author Topic: Help me choose my new last name  (Read 6236 times)

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Help me choose my new last name
« on: September 03, 2008, 10:12:31 PM »
Help me choose my new last name

I am half Samoan, half caucasian, and I am seriously thinking about adopting a Samoan word as my new last name. (I am 30 years old, my previous last name was Faletogo, but I currently still have my married last name. Now that I am divorced, and due to several circumstances, I do not want either name.)

Some ideas:
Mulivai - "the end of the river"
Anagata - "longlasting"
Tesema - "December"
Masina - "moon"

Can you help with more ideas? I need Samoan word + meaning.
Any help would be most welcomed.
Email: krisenthia@hotmail.com


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