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American Samoa - Football Island on YouTube


Leone High School featured on 60-minutes in this youtube video
Football Island on YouTube

Youtuber Jodatoa has extra scenes not fully televised in the main documentary.

Pre-game warmups like you've never seen before, as demonstrated by a high school football team in American Samoa!

The governor of American Samoa, Togiola Tulafono, shows Scott Pelley the many mementoes on display from Samoan players who've made it to the NFL.

NFL superstar Troy Polamalu explains how the Samoan way of life has contributed to his success.

Scott Pelley discusses his upcoming "60 Minutes" report on a territory that sends more players to the NFL than any similarly populated place in America.

Thanks for sharing it.

Thanks for sharing this awesome vid! I'm always so happy to see people of Samoan heritage make it big--we're taking over! Jk. Still, good to see! :)

g--we're taking over! Jk. Still, good to see!


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