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Author Topic: Samoa rebuilds as Haiti count the dead  (Read 5684 times)

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Samoa rebuilds as Haiti count the dead
« on: January 19, 2010, 06:59:28 AM »
Samoa rebuilds as Haiti count the dead

By Michael Morrah

While the focus in Haiti is on the living, another much smaller nation is trying to start again after its own natural disaster.

More than 200 people died when a tsunami hit Samoa almost four months ago.

The Pacific nation is now beginning to show signs of recovery, with one of the best known beach resorts at Lalomanu on Upolu Island partially reopened for business.

The Taufua family say rebuilding has provided a distraction, and helped them to heal.

“Whoever died down there has not died. We are survivors. The spirit of my friends, my father, and my family in my heart - they still survive,” says Fuimaono Levaa Talia Taufua.

Tuafua Beach Fales - just like dozens of popular tourist spots - was levelled when a tsunami pounded the coastline on September 29.

Ben Taufua says the disaster still seems “surreal” and like “a bad dream”.

Ben Taufua was one of those who came to search for his loved ones in the days after the wave hit.

In total, 13 members of the Taufua family died.

Tuafua Beach Fales manager Faafetai Taufua says rebuilding has helped a lot. 

“Sitting home doing nothing - it didn't help at all,” he says.

A ceremony was held yesterday to reopen the Tuafua restaurant and bar.

The next step, rebuild the fales - the first of which were built in 1980.

Even though there is no accommodation in Samoa yet, tourists haven't been put off.

Faafetai Taufua says around 280 people have already made reservations at the Beach Fale.

But down the road, progress is slow. The Taufua family used their own money to build again.

But for most that isn't an option.

And frustration is growing as the government tries to work out exactly who should get aid money.

Two million New Zealand dollars is set aside for rebuilding beach fale businesses, and another two million for loans.

The reality is though it will take much more.


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Re: Samoa rebuilds as Haiti count the dead
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2010, 11:52:23 PM »
Samoa has been tested and there is a need to be strong. Remember our Heavenly Father and his teachings for he taught us to pray and always be good. I feel sad when I read about Samoa Quake and Tsnunami. My hart goes out to Samoa. Again I say be imoveable in righteousness. Love you Samoa.


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