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Vaoto Lodge, Ofu Beach, manu'a Islands, American Samoa


Best on the 'Ofu Beach
Vaoto Lodge
The accommodations are clean and simple, but the location is undeniably heavenly at the Vaoto Lodge on Ofu Beach. With low prices and a friendly atmosphere, the lodge is a great stopping point for travelers whose priorities are a place to eat and rest. The rooms are plain and tidy, and each room has a private bathroom and shower. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served family style and provide plenty of time to get the skinny on the best snorkeling, hiking and exploring from other guests and the owners. Vaoto Lodge does not accept credit cards so be sure to bring cash or traveler's checks.

It's really such a nice location.I am confused where to plan for a holiday in low rates. I will plan to go there for a vacation.

I am planning with my spouse for a vacation will it be a nice place to visit it with my spouse.....

Honestly speaking, my principal in high school spent their honeymoon on Vaoto Lodge, Ofu Beach located on the island of Ofu in the Manu'a Islands group in American Samoa. When they came back, she share their experience on that place with us. And we find it amazing. I hope, I can also see that place..


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