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Hawaiian Kings - Pili & Paao - from Upolu, Samoa
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Author Topic: Hawaiian Kings - Pili & Paao - from Upolu, Samoa  (Read 2541 times)
Samoa Tasi
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« on: March 10, 2010, 11:43:37 AM »

Pili & Paao of Upolu

Samoan History has alot to do with war between brothers. Hawaiian History speaks of 2 brothers Paao & Lonopele of Upolu Samoa. These 2 brothers lived happily until jealousy and hate made them grow apart which lead to war. Paao killed and cut open his own sons stomach because his brother Lonopele claimed his son was a thief and stole his fruits and ate it. After Paao cut open his sons stomach and seen that their was no fruit both Lonopele & Paao felt stupid and ashamed. This incident made Paao want to leave Samoa. As Paao was preparing his canoes and people, Lonopele's son was approaching their canoes and in a rage of anger thinking about his own sons death, Paao killed his brother Lonopele's son. This lead to an all out war between the 2 brothers. Paao then left Samoa and landed in Hawaii later becoming High Priest of Hawaii.

Meanwhile, in the northern part of Hawaii, Kapawa, the high chief of the unblemished Ulu line of high chiefs, was abusing his powers as chief. He lived an atrocious life, befriending idle and criminal sorts, each of whom he regularly invited to serve as his eating companions. As he traveled the island, he literally left each district impoverished, but these crimes were permissible. High chiefs of old times enjoyed certain prerogatives that would be frightful in this day and age. The actual abuse of divine right that Kapawa committed was when he violated “the sanctity of the temples”. It was at this point that the district chief, located in a section of Hawaii called Holi, decided that royal blood alone was not sufficient to keep a chief in office. There comes a time when a ruler must be looked at objectively. This was that time. The district chief then asked Paao, the high priest, to physically dethrone Kapawa, the high chief.

The ensuing battle was well fought by both sides, but after weeks of warfare, Paao emerged the victor. Kapawa fled across the channel between the islands of Hawaii and Maui, where he died “a discouraged and ruined king”

The people of Hawaii, so impressed by Paao’s victory, wanted him to become high chief as well. Content with his power as high priest, Paao declined the offer and search for another high chief instead. This decision would turn out to be the turning point in Hawaiian history. Pili, the high chief from Samoa, was persuaded by messengers to move to the island of the north. With his immense caravan of canoes, Pili journeyed across the water to Hawaii. It is here, in Kohala, that Paao and Pili made their home. The two figureheads, representing the sacred and the secular aspects of Hawaiian government. Pili arrived in Hawaii and became KING of Hawaii.

The Kamehameha Line of Kings descended from Pili & Paao of Samoa. The Last King Of Hawaii David Kalakaua wrote a Hawaii History book about all the Chief families who came to Hawaii from Samoa, Tahiti & Marquesas etc.....

Hawaii Chief or Royalty: Ali'i
Samoa Chief or Royalty: Ali'i

From Hilo, Pili took Paao with him to Waipio valley before they traveled onto the Kohala District where Paao built the Mookini Temple in a place to which he gave the name (THE CAPE OF UPOLU). The Upolu Point in Hawaii is the most northern Point on the big island of Hawaii and the name Upolu still exists today in Hawaii.
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