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t ward:
Can anyone tell me about the educational
levels offered in Samoa?

It is similar to the American system and there is a community college of American Samoa for advanced study.  A.S.C.C.

i really want to knw bout the level of samoan education

Tavita Tusitala:
American Samoa education is on a U.S. model.
Early grades are taught mostly in Samoan, and a bi-cultural, bi-lingual component continues in higher grades.
Just like in the continental U.S. all children can go to free public schools through high school. Many go on the college or to off-island colleges.

as u mentioned that they get through from primary scholl to high school is free, but once wen i was in school in sa, they get to pay their fees to get through to another class and high school, so i dont get it


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