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Tavita Tusitala:
There arae at least 28 Samoan football players in the NFL:
David Dixon    Vikings    G    6-5    359    9th year in NFL
Pita Elisara    Eagles    G/T    6-4    280    1st year in NFL
Luther Elliss    Lions    DT    6-5    305    8th year in NFL
Mario Fatafehi    Cardinals    DT    6-2    296    2nd year in NFL
Toniu Fonoti    Chargers    OG    6-4    349    1st year in NFL
Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala    Steelers    RB    5-11    252    5th year in NFL
Setema Gali    Patriots    DE    6-4    245    2nd year in NFL
Edmund Elisala Ieremia-Stansbury    Texans    FB    6-0    257    1st year in NFL
Junior Ioane    Raiders    DT    6-4    220    2nd year in NFL
Faaesea Mailo    Raiders    G    6-3    320    1st year in NFL
Brandon Manumaleuna    Rams    TE    6-2    288    2nd year in NFL
Itula Mili    Seahawks    TE    6-4    258    7th year in NFL
Edwin Mulitalo    Ravens    LG    6-3    340    4th year in NFL
Kimo von Oelhoffen    Steelers    NT    6-4    305    9th year in NFL
Anton Palepoi    Seahawks    DE    6-3    279    1st year in NFL
Saul Patu    Titans    DE    6-3    272    2nd year in NFL
Siitupe Peko    Seahawks    C    6-4    298    2nd year in NFL
Joe Salave'a    Titans    DT    6-3    290    5th year in NFL
Ed Ta'amu    Vikings    G    6-1    335    1st year in NFL
Tiaina "Junior" Seau    Chargers    LB    6-3    250    13th year in NFL
Jerry Togiai    Falcons    DT    6-4    295    1st year in NFL
Mao Tosi    Cardinals    DT    6-6    305    3rd year in NFL
Marques Tuiasosopo    Raiders    QB    6-1    200    2nd year in NFL
Junior Tuipala    Jaguars    LB    6-1    244    3rd year in NFL
Albert Tuipolutu    Steelers    FB    5-11    240    1st year in NFL
Maugaula Tuitele    Patriots    LB    6-1    255    2nd year NFL
Tupo Tuupo    Chargers    DE    6-3    280    1st year in NFL
Anthony Weaver    Ravens    DT    6-3    295    1st year in NFL
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Tsunami tragedy hits home for NFL Samoans

CINCINNATI, Ohio (AFP) – About 28 National Football League players either from Samoa or of Samoan heritage were scrambling to find out about loved ones Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2009 after a tsunami that has killed at least 113 people.

Huge waves rocked the South Pacific after an undersea earthquake that caused a tidal wave which destroyed Samoan villages and wiped out tourist resorts.

Three players on the Cincinnati Bengals - defensive linemen Jonathan Fanene and Domata Peko and linebacker Rey Maualuga - were among those trying to learn information about the devastation and helping support each other.

"I think they?re comfortable. Their families are good," Bengals coach Marvin Lewis said. "Last night, there was a little uneasiness among them, because they weren?t able to get any communication done. It?s difficult even without the tsunami to communicate way over there.

"At least at this point, things seem to be good and stable and OK. I think they?re relieved."

Peko, an NFL rookie, made contact with his parents Tuesday night, while Fanene, like Peko from American Samoa, reached his mother but no other relatives. Maualuga, from Samoa, was still trying to reach his younger brother.

"Right now back home, I?m not sure what?s going on," Fanene told the Cincinnati Enquirer. "I talked to my mom. She?s doing OK. She said the island is messed up."

Peko told the newspaper that his parents told him people were slowly coming down from higher ground to examine the damage.

"A lot of people were coming off the mountain and going back to their homes. It?s a tragedy over there," Peko said. "It was a little surprising, see little Samoa go through a tough time."

Maualuga cherished having two teammates who understood his fears and could offer support.

"They are like my brothers. They will calm me down when I need it," he said. "They have definitely been there for me."

His thoughts were with his mother trying to reach other family members.

"The death toll is increasing every day and all we can do now is look up to God and pray," Maualuga said. "When the time comes for us to help I?m pretty sure I?ll step up. As of now all we can do is hope."

Other top NFL players of Samoan heritage include Troy Polamalu of Pittsburgh and linebacker Lofa Tatupu, who are both injured but could return this weekend. Tatupu has a sore hamstring. Polamalu has a sprained left knee.

Tavita Tusitala:
Seahawks' Tatupu to donate to tsunami relief

Seattle Seahawks defensive star Lofa Tatupu will donate up to $10,000 to aid disaster relief efforts in the Pacific Rim region.

Coach Jim Mora said Wednesday his three-time Pro Bowl middle linebacker is volunteering to match the first $10,000 that fans donate in a collection drive started by the Seahawks and Medical Teams International.

Tatupu's father, former NFL player Mosi Tatupu, was born in Pago Pago, American Samoa, and Lofa Tatupu says he still has family there. Last week, a deadly tsunami hit the U.S. territory, as well as neighboring Samoa and Tonga.

The Seahawks are inviting fans to donate on their way into the stadium for Sunday's home game against Jacksonville.

Tavita Tusitala:
NFL, union contributing $50,000 to tsunami victims

Nov 16, 2009

NEW YORK — The NFL and the NFL Players Association are contributing $50,000 to help victims of the tsunami that struck American Samoa in September.

The league said Monday that two former players of Samoan descent, Eagles running back Reno Mahe and Bears tight end Gabe Reid, will visit the region in the next few weeks.

Many players with Samoan backgrounds are also raising funds on their own to help victims. The Sept. 29 tsunami spawned by a magnitude-8.3 earthquake killed 34 people in American Samoa, 183 in Samoa and nine in Tonga.

The league and the union will contribute the money to the American Red Cross through their Disaster Relief Fund.

A Samoan boy, according to estimates, is 40 times more likely to make it to the NFL than any other race.

Recently Drafted to the NFL:

Rey Maualuga - Samoan
Roy Miller - Samoan
Kaluka Maiava - Samoan
Al Afalava - Samoan

Samoans who already made it to the NFL:

Al Lolotai (1st Polynesian/Samoan in the NFL drafted to Washington Redskins in 1945).

Charles Ane (2nd Polynesian/Samoan in the NFL drafted to the Detroit Lions in 1953).

Jesse Sapolu (Polynesian/Samoan 4 time Superbowl Champion played for the San Francisco 49ers meaning he has 4 Superbowl Rings the most out of any Polynesian/Samoan).

Troy Polamalu (The superstar/superman of the NFL) He will be featured on the cover of the 2009 Madden video Game. The first Poly to ever be on the cover of the Madden Game.

Chris Maafala - Samoan
Maa Tanuvasa - Samoan
Gabe Reid - Samoan
Isaac Sopoaga - Samoan
Itula Mili - Samoan
Lofa Tatupu - Samoan
Wayne Hunter - Samoan
Brandon Manumaleuna - Samoan
Blaine Saipaia - Samoan
Pisa Tinoisamoa - Samoan
Joe Salavea - Samoan
Mike Sellers - Samoan
Edwin Mulitalo - Samoan
Lauvale Sape - Samoan
Jonathan Fanene - Samoan
Tony Banks - Samoan
Junior Ioane - Samoan
Junior Siavii - Samoan
Junior Seau - Samoan
Marques Tuiasosopo - Samoan
Shaun Nua - Samoan
Zach Tuiasosopo - Samoan
Toniu Fonoti - Samoan
Paul Soliai - Samoan
Natu Tuatagaloa - Samoan
Lonnie Palelei - Samoan
Matt Toeaina - Samoan
Melila Purcell - Samoan
Samson Satele - Samoan
Reagan Mauia - Samoan
Nate Ilaoa - Samoan
Dan Salemua - Samoan
Mosi Tatupu - Samoan
Don Sasa - Samoan
Esera Tuaolo - Samoan
Mike Ulufale - Samoan
Jim Nicholson - Samoan
Keith Uperesa - Samoan
Frank Manumaleuna - Samoan
Arnold Tauese Ale - Samoan
Jack Thompson - Samoan
Manu Tuiasosopo - Samoan
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