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Author Topic: Basic Samoan Word`s.  (Read 5682 times)

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Basic Samoan Word`s.
« on: August 31, 2010, 03:24:44 AM »


I`m a White Samoan Living in New Zealand, I`ve been Trying to learn Samoan My whole
Life but Sadly My Father Forgot His Samoan after Moving here when he was 18.
I know Simple words like Hello, Goodbye, Thank you and Please (Even if I say Bum Bum, Haha)
I would Love you to Post many Words, Whenever I go Over to Samoa I learn a Few new
Words and Try new things like Seeing Lovers Leap or Going to Sliding Rocks, I would like
To finish my Amazing Life Experience`s By Learning the Laungauge.

Much Appreciated.


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