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FEMA American Samoa Tsunami videos
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Author Topic: FEMA American Samoa Tsunami videos  (Read 869 times)
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Federal Emergency Management Agency Samoa Tsunami videos

Department of Defense Assets Demobilize From American Samoa
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As the earthquake and tsunami disaster in American Samoa transitions into recovery,the Department of Defense (DOD) assets used during the response are being demobilized. Col. Jay George, Defense Coordinating Officer, and Kenneth Tingman, Federal Coordinating Officer for FEMA, summarize the DOD support to FEMA during the earthquake and tsunami operation.

Antonov Cargo Plane Delivers Generators to American Samoa
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As part of its mission to restore electrical power in American Samoa, FEMA flew in generators using cargo planes. On one mission, FEMA used an Antonov 225 cargo plane. It is the world's largest fixed wing aircraft.Mark Ackerman, FEMA Staging Area Group Supervisor, explains the logistical considerations that went into using this cargo plane.

Interim Electrical Power for American Samoa
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The second stage of a three-tier plan to restore electricity in American Samoa has been implemented. Larger leased generators have replaced the FEMA-owned and rented emergency generators that were placed throughout the island shortly after the devasting earthquake and tsunami of September 29, 2009. The new generators will be in place for at least 18 months or until the destroyed Satala Power Station is replaced.

Power Restored in American Samoa
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The first stage of power restoration in American Samoa has been completed and rolling blackouts in the Pago Pago area have ended. Addition of a second large generator and a larger transformer at one location, plus installation of a larger transformer to match the capacity of an existing larger generator at another location did the job. However, the island still has only one operating power plant. Replacement of the other plant, inundated by the tsunami on Sept. 29, 2009, is estimated to take two years.

Hazmat Recovery in Pago Pago Harbor
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FEMA assigned the U.S. Coast Guard to the task of removing hazardous material that was washed into Pago Pago Harbor by the tsunami of September 29. The debris included vehicles, which threaten pollution from their gasoline, oil, battery acid, anti-freeze and other fluids. The Coast Guard contracted with Pacific Environmental Corp. (PENCO) to do the work. PENCO sent divers and it's 100-foot dive tender "American Islander" from Hawaii. The mission was completed in about three weeks under Coast Guard supervision.

Former NFL Football Players Visit American Samoa
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Recently, former Chicago Bears football player, Gabe Reid and former Philadelphia Eagles football player, Reno Mahe, visited American Samoa to express their appreciation for the work that has occurred to help American Samoa recover from the recovery on behalf of the National Football League. During their visit, they had an opportunity to stop by FEMA's Joint Field Office and Disaster Recovery Center.

Volunteers Help Rebuild American Samoa
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Mennonite volunteers help families in American Samoa rebuild after September's devastating tsunami. Volunteer Donald Horst guides us through their efforts.

Permanent Housing Construction in American Samoa
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In agreement with the American Samoan government, FEMA has contracted to build about 70 concrete block homes to replace some of the 275 dwellings destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami of September 29, 2009. Owners of the other homes chose to rebuild their homes on their own with the help of a FEMA cash grant. The new two or three-bedroom homes and their homesites will meet all applicable American Samoan and federal regulations.

Damaged Cemetery Eligible for Federal Aid
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When the U.S. Navy began administration of the newly acquired territory of American Samoa in 1900, it had to buy land to create a cemetery for naval personnel. It was and still is the custom of Samoans to bury their loved ones in front of their homes. There were no cemeteries for foreigners. That historic cemetery, the Satala Cemetery, was damaged by the tsunami on September 29, 2009. The American Samoan government has applied for a FEMA Public Assistance grant to help pay for the cemetery's restoration.

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