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James Cameron descending to depths for Avatar II


Tavita Tusitala:
The Bathyscaphe Trieste  was the first and only submarine to take humans to the ocean's deepest spot, the 7-mile-deep, appropriately named spot Challenger Deep.

Now Director James Cameron has asked Australian designers to build a submarine that can dive 36,000 feet beneath the surface of the ocean. He could win a $10 million X Prize and shoot footage for the “Avatar” sequel simultaneously.

The submarine will be made of composite materials and powered by electric motors. It will go seven miles below the surface of the ocean where Cameron hopes to shoot 3-D footage for the second Avatar film reportedly set in the fictional oceans of Pandora.

The sub will explore the Challenger Deep, a 35,994-foot deep depression in the south end of the Mariana Trench. It’s the deepest known spot in the oceans. No one has visited Challenger Deep since explorers Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh made the journey in Trieste in 1960.

The X Prize Foundation is expected to announce a $10 million prize to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Trieste's dive. The winnings will go to the first privately funded sub to make two repeat manned descents to Challenger Deep.

Hi d-r Tavita Tusitala! I live in Ukraine (I am a molecular geneticist) and I also have a hobby - I'm writing a sci-fi novel ( The story played up the conclusions of my argument with creationists and evolutionists on the site of Richard Dawkins ( Several episodes in this novel take place in our time on Savaii! Also in Australia, Pago Pago, in New Zealand. But I find it hard to write about the place where I myself was not ... I learned many things from the internet travel sites. But I have not found at these sites, all that interests me. That's the question: what is the name of the girl may have in the south-west of Savaii? In my story is very lively and clever girl ...
Sincerely, Leo Polishchuk

Tavita Tusitala:
Hello Leo,
That sounds like an interesting story.
I have some Samoan girl names here:

Also, there is a Samoan writer just getting popular from Samoa, Lani Wendt Young, who just wrote a book Telesa set in Samoa.
Check her blog or write to her. She is seeking a community of writers in Samoa.

Two of my favorite names are Sina and Sefulu.     Sina means white, sefulu means 10.
One of the earliest books in English reporting on life and folklore of Samoa is "Samoa" by Turner and many names from old stories.
I have the text here:

Keep us posted about the Island connection :)


Thank you, Tavita!


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