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Author Topic: Over 50 views... i still have hope .... translate ... faifai le mu le aso ....  (Read 9899 times)

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Hey all,
can someone please help me with this....my friend is teaching me Samoan but says I have to figure this out on my own to test what i've learned. Lol, please help...

"faifai le mu le aso. mis lava oe i lou fatu. manuia le vaiaso. alofa tele atu ia oe."  "Malo Lau pele. Ua Mai oe. Ia manuia le aso. Alofa tele I lau pelemoni."

Tavita Tusitala

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Translate: faifai le mu le aso ....
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2010, 08:48:20 AM »
Thank you Fa'aleo for this help:

faifai le mu le aso.
Take it easy today (aso means day)

mis lava oe i lou fatu.
so miss you in my heart.

manuia le vaiaso.
have a blessed week (vaiaso means week)

alofa tele atu ia oe." 
love you very much

"Malo Lau pele.
Hello my love. or greetings my love

Ua Mai oe?
How are you?

Ia manuia le aso.
wish you a bless or great day.

Alofa tele I lau pelemoni.
 lots of love to my sweetheart or true love......

Very nice phrases. Now practice! manuia le vaiaso.


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Fa'afetai....Fa'afetai...Fa'afetai ;D i will practice!


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