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People all over the world love to travel. People travel for various purposes like business, leisure, education or recreational purposes. Traveling has become a part of people's life and there is no life without traveling. Going to work everyday is also traveling. Traveling helps us to learn a lot.
Maybe your dream vacation includes a time to disconnect. Perhaps you want to be pampered! maybe you are looking for an adventurous trip to the jungle or perhaps a recipe of refreshing ocean air mixed with a little pampering is what you crave. No matter what you desire, it's waiting for you in Samoa!  need to know about where to vacation?

A white sanded paradise, the island nation of Samoa. Spend your days swimming, reading and snorkelling, and your evenings socialising with travellers and friendly locals.

Its been good traveling to Samoa, and i have yet to discover the whole place

Well, I do like ultralight airplanes and thinking to fly there too. Are there any light airplanes? On map all I see is one big airport..


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