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Underwater Tsunami Debris in American Samoa


Tavita Tusitala:
Video: Underwater Tsunami Debris in American Samoa

Underwater debris washed out to sea by the Samoa earthquake and Tsunami September 29, 2009.
Debris washed out on to the coral reef offshore of Poloa, a village wiped out on the southwest corner of Tutuila, American Samoa during the tsunami on September 29, 2009.

Items including  metal sheet roofing, tires, clothing, plastics were carried out to sea.

The 2nd half of this video shows the tsunami-inflicted damage to the coral reef off the coast of Leone, which is also on the southwestern coast of Tutuila. The tsunami was generated by an 8.3 magnitude earthquake that struck at 6:48am, 120 miles south of Tutuila, and caused major damage to American Samoa and other islands nearby.
Source: NOAA
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