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Looking for Ed TV staff from the late 60's

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Anybody there from 1965-1967 who worked for the Ed TV gang?  My name then was Ginny Hall, my husband was a staffer named Charlie Hall.

Tavita Tusitala:
I remember a Junior Hall from the TV station who played guitar with Jabs West Band with Bill Legali, any connection?

Yo Gin--great to hear from you. You still playing bridge?

Regards, Dave Gillmore

No not playing bridge, playing poker (live in Las Vegas).  But I am moving back to Ohio next month.  Been offed by yet another husband and finally about 7 years ago figured out the problem;  my sexual preference.  So now my wife is a lady, we are happy, happy, still friends with Charlie and hubby 2 Steve, and have a couple of awsome kids who are almost "old" themselves.  I can't remember the name of the wild dude who had rode the motorcycle up on the stage for the Samoan Fale's, do you? 

I still remember one of the happiest times of my life (other than now) being in Samoa and all the great times we had.  I am a water person and did live aboard for 3-4 years in Sarasota, Florida.  Lived in Florida almost 30 years.

Charlie is getting better so slowly and has gotten so gray;  at Jon's wedding reception I went over and introduced myself to this couple and he was Charlie.  Funny/sad.

Hope you are the same with-it dude and enjoying life too.

Ginny Black


I was your neighbor in Tafuna -- a bit younger at the time (about 20 - 21) and worked at ETV as an engineer.  We played (OK, you played, I was confused by the whole Bridge thing, despite your efforts to teach me!) on occasion.  My forte was the Goat Island Club -- loved that place!.  And when you left, I bought your cute little white sports coupe.

Now living in Phoenix area, get up to LV on occasion.  What a great city! 


Charlie Cox


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