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The Rainmaker Hotel goes on as Sadie's by the Sea

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Tavita Tusitala:
Once it was the only real hotel in American Samoa and was owned and "maintained" by the government, it is now a private accommodation. It maintains the tall thatched roofs to give the flavor of a South Pacific island.

It is named after the Rainmaker Mountain above Pago Pago harbor. Everyday gray clouds and rain from over Rainmaker mountain.

One of the few sun and swimming beaches downtown, The sand was imported to make a better beach. The Samoan islands are volcanic islands with fringing reefs, that means teh sand is made from coral and doesn't build up like continental beaches.

In Pago Pago, American Samoa
Telephone (684) 699 5714

It was re-named The Ratmaker until a few years ago when Tom Drabble took over a portion of the hotel, fixed it up and  re-named it Sadies By The Sea.  Thank you TGom.

The Rainmaker hotel deserve its private accommodation because it is important to every travelers. The name gives meaning and is very interesting. Thanks for the information, but I would like to know more about it.

What more would you like to know? Sadie Thompson was a character in Maugham's "Rain" which was based on Aggie Grey's in Apia, (Western) Samoa. It is a fictional character, but seems to be a good name for marketing a hotel in American Samoa too.

Actually Sadie was in Pago for a while.  She was a real woman, not made up.


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