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Girls Names?


My fianccee's name is Samoauatusi  and she was born in W/Samoa and i would like to hear from anyone who knows or has any idea where her name may has come from?

Tavita Tusitala:
Most likely it is Samoauatusi  - Samoa ua tusi  - Samoa is written
Unless her father was African Watusi  -   Samoa uatusi  -  Samoa-Watusi   !!
I imagine it is the first idea :)

It is not a common name, something the family liked for her.

Hey cheers Tavita, I have just in the last few days found out that it means Unity . We plan on going to America Saa towards the end of the year as we live at present in Perth western Australia .

Well in my point of view Sefulu is the best name. I like this name a lot. Because of ten reasons.


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