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Underwater reef watching


Tavita Tusitala:
With just a mask and some protective shoes on your feet (maybe a swimsut too) you can walk across the fringing reef and look into the crevices and pools at the coral and reef.
Be careful, step on top of the coral heads and try not to break coral, it takes a long time to grow. Samoa fishermen have steeped on the tops inthe shallows and you will not scratch your feet or break more. Coral cuts can infect easily and you also want to avoid ever encountering fire coral.

Don't stick your hands into holes in the coral. Fish live there and fishermen flush them out that way, but also a moray eel can be there and they bite hard enough to remove a finger.
Look at the hands of local spear fishermen! Most fishermen go at night with flashlights to spear fish and gather lobster. It is fun to watch if you are adventurous and meet some friendly fishermen.

Just over the edge of the reef you can peer into the deep water and watch big fish, even pacific sharks swimming around. It beats any aquarium! The waves tend to break right at the edge of the fringing reef with a thunderous crash, keep your eye on the waves and find a calm spot, often at low tide, to peer into the deeper water.

Always ask permission for swimming and snorkeling, beaches belong to each village and are private.

Picture is Edge of the fringing reef, American Samoa

Explore the stunning reef. You'll bring home a lifetime of memories from this living natural wonder.


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