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Lavalava- most practical clothes

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Tavita Tusitala:
The cloth wrap in a bright color or Hawaiian print is the traditional garb of men and women. It is a great wraparound for a swimsuit now and very comfortable for men to sit.
You can buy them in the shops and it si a great souviner to keep and use at home, beach or swimming pool.

The usual size needs to be wide enough to wrap around yourself 1.5 times and length from waist to over the knee for men and similar for women used from bust to thigh or longer.

It is like sitting in your towel all day, pamper yourself!

The accepted admeasurement needs to be advanced abundant to blanket about yourself 1.5 times and breadth from waist to over the knee for men and agnate for women acclimated from apprehension to thigh or longer.

Tavita Tusitala:
In old days, the most prestigious lavalava were made  with fine mats,woven of pandanus leaves, or from siapo (tapa cloth) pounded from paper mulberry or wild hibiscus bark.  Now these articles are held in high regard for ceremonial events.

The most common lavalava is a rectangular cloth wrapped around the waist.
Women these days tend to wrap them up higher like a skirt for modesty.
Cotton cloth has  replaced woven or bark cloth lavalavas as articles of daily use

The cotton lavalavas tend to be in bright colors or Hawaiian prints.and are known as ie faitaga.

Business men, politicians and high chiefs tend to wear  tailored linen lavalavas which extend mid-calf, often with pockets and buckles, created in solid colors.
Similar ankle-length skirts form the lower half of the two-piece formal dress worn by Samoan women (called puletasi)

Loudly colored lava-ava made from materials such as satin, velvet, polyester, and sequins have recently been popularized among performance dance groups and village, church, or school-based choirs.

Tavita Tusitala:

Tavita Tusitala:
Faitaga old and new styles, from fine mats to fine linens


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