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Author Topic: Don't expect ancient traditions except special occasions  (Read 7657 times)

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Don't expect ancient traditions except special occasions
« on: October 06, 2008, 11:16:49 PM »
Most villages have activities for all ages with singing, traditional dance, siva siva, and Umu food. But Samoa is a modern educated place.
 You will see respect for old dress and customs, but most Samoans live with new music and dress like everywhere else.
I include this 100-years-old picture because I like it. It brings memories of an exotic and more romantic time. The good old days. :) On special holidays, like April 17 Flag Day (secession day), you may see much time spent making traditional clothing with creative laurels and plant skirts and lavalavas to augment dress. Very beautiful.

For most it is easier to see traditional Samoan culture in Hawaii, go to the Polynesian Cultural Center. Many Mormon students are from Samoa and demonstrate traditional customs. You might find many samoans representing other islands at the center. Samoans are the largest ethnic Polynesian group in Polynesia.


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